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How to reach sites that are blocked.

Reach blocked sites. In this post i am gonna show you a few ways to reach blocked sites, i will not go in to detail on how to install ore configure the applications used in these examples. The following solutions will work if for instance your service provider blocked access to a specific site. in a lot of countries there are some limitations to what the people may view on the internet. For instance in

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How to access your computer files or print from anywhere over the internet.

How are whe gonna make this happen? Do you want to be able to access your files at home, or print from another location. Then you might like the features of VPN. It is a very secure way to access your private network. VPN is a form of a  Wide Area Network. In this guide whe are gonna use Logmein. Step  1: We are gonna start with creating an account for Logmein. Follow this URL: Logmein. In the

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