Solution to your PC needs to be repaired Error code: 0xc0000225


Problem description:

Update: also works with windows 10

When I booted my Windows 8 laptop (see details below), it displayed the following message:

your computer needs to be repaired

If I press Enter or F8, the central part of the message changes to:

The application or operating system couldn’t be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

File: \Windows\system32\winload.efi

Error code: 0xc0000225

The problem occurred after i made an image of the old hard disk on a new one. And now this new hard drive would not boot. I found out this was because of the EUFI boot. this used a GPT partition. To fix this problem you are gonna need a windows 8 installation CD or recovery CD.

Step 1: Start from your installation or recovery CD.

To do this you will probably need to press a key before you boot, this will most likely be something like F12. for more information about booting from cd look here. (link: )

Step 2: Choose the correct recovery options. (gallery)

Step 3: Enter the correct commands.

  1. Diskpart
  2. List volume
  3. Select volume=2 (replace “2” with the number that is associated with the “ESP” label)
  4. assign letter=Z
  5. exit
  6. bcdboot C:\windows /s Z: /f UEFI (replace C: with the volume letter that is named “OS”)

To make it even simpler here are some screenshots:

Step 4: Restart your computer and be happy.

If everything worked out fine, you should now be able to restart your computer and enjoy your windows 8 machine.

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  • N S

    Thank you so much! It worked on my win 10 computer, but please notice that if your computer still has BIOS, you should use “BIOS” instead of “UEFI” on step 6.

  • april

    laptop reads only x:windows/system

    • Pieter

      It should change to diskpart after you type diskpart.

  • april

    my laptop does not say xsource discpart

  • Secuthor

    Change the memory modul..thats it !!!

  • Gaurav Prakash

    Hey thanks a lot. I ran the commands and it helped me boot my friends laptop again. Thanks a lot.

  • Ervick

    hello good evening. so im doing the the 3rd step and im stuck at the volume section where i needed to find the volume with ESP but i dont seem to have it!!!

    • Pieter

      Which partitions do you see?

  • Hazmi

    I did it fine all the way to step 3… No idea how to do step 4.. Help pls…

    • Pieter

      I totally understand you not enjoying your Windows computer. Unfortunately I cannot provide support for emotional damage done by Microsoft.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Kind regards,

  • Jort

    Thank you very much! My laptop starts normally again. I made a USB flash drive with the help on:

  • John

    Thanks a lot for posting this! Solved a problem with an Acer laptop here (error in BCD file, code 0xC0000032. It happened after refusing a Windows 10 upgrade (from Windows 8) – may be a coincidence.

    • John

      BTW (for other users), it was ‘ALT-F10’ (just keep tapping it) on reboot to go to the on-disk recovery system on the Acer. I didn’t need a Windows CD. Then I followed the instructions.

  • Grateful

    Many thanks Pieter, I had cloned my laptop drive and got the error 0x0000225. I put my inst. repair DVD in, changed the BIOS to the DVD drive and followed your instructions. It worked well. The Diskpart commands have to be typed with spaces after the / and exactly as you say, Many users get frustrated when it does not work for them but the solution is simple, pay attention. I owe you a beer.