Solution to Fifa 13 not starting on the pc


Solution to Fifa 13 crash

I recently ran in to a problem with fifa 13. A customers was not able to start the game, when he started it would just show a Messi screen and then would crash without an error. I tried many different solutions. a lot of them are posted here: I tried them all but none of them seemed to work.

now for the solution that worked for me.

  1. disable your internet connection
  2. browse to the fifa13 folder in my documents
  3. remove instance0, fifasetup and buttonDataSetup
  4. Start fifa13

when I deleted these 3 files I could start the game again.

Well i am Pieter, a regular IT guy, working in Holland. Now and then I share some things on this Blog to make other peoples life a bit easier.

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8 comments on “Solution to Fifa 13 not starting on the pc
  1. Fraol says:

    Hey…mine problem is like them, when I click fifa 13 it starts show messi thing and leave without a game error…..

  2. Ntokozo says:

    The game will not open if you don’t have (the Direct X) program…… Go to microsoft and find the latest version of this program,thn the game will launch……. Thats a nice game I ever play compare to Pes 14

  3. orangy says:

    Installed fifa 13 but clicking the fifa13 icon in the desktop , nothing is happening , no error message and no game starts…please solve this out….

  4. viswas says:

    i have windows 7 homebasic os in may laptop.i have installed fifa 13 but after clicking on the fifa 13 application,its not opening and nothing appearing on the screen.please help me to solve this problem

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