Browsing in SharePoint slow when opened with Windows explorer

SharePoint slow Problem

Do you experience slow browsing when you open your SharePoint site in your explorer? or you made a network connection to your SharePoint site (explained here).  I sometimes experience this problem with clients where everything was working fine. but one day it just stopped working correctly. When you open a site you might experience a long waiting time, ore even a “Not responding” screen. every time i had this problem it was resolved by disabling one check box.

This check box can be found in “Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings” and disable the check box by “Automatically detect Settings”. this issue seems to be related to the “WebDAV” protocol and the “Automatically detect settings” conflicting with each other.

Automaticly Detect SharePoint Slow

Solution not working?

In some cases i came across, disabling this check box did not resolve the problem. this could be when another program is interfering with your WebDAV internet traffic. first thing you should look at is your anti virus. if that does not solve your problem you could have a look at the following Wikipedia article: WebDAVWhen you read this you might know what to look for. or what could still be slowing up your SharePoint Connection. If you have any questions, just ask them and i can see if i can help.

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