Unable to find the default new or edit form for list in SharePoint.


Problem description:

Do you have an error message when you try to open a SharePoint library, Edit ore view the properties of a file/folder. Ore you are unable to create a folder (and you see one of the errors stated below). Then it is most likely that somebody messed with your Forms, or even deleted them. This can break your entire SharePoint library. I personally came upon this when I tried to move a SharePoint library to another one. I accidently copied over the hidden forms folder. And this broke the forms.

(Error messages that most of the time identifies a problem with forms)


  • Unable to find the default new form for list (listname)
  • Unable to find the default edit form for list (listname)


As a first step to fix this problem you need to download SharePoint designer. As far as I know this solution works with SharePoint 2010 and 2013. So according to the version of SharePoint you are running you either need “SharePoint designer 2010” ore “SharePoint designer 2013”. You can download these for free from Microsoft.

SharePoint designer 2010:

32 Bits: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16573

64 Bits: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24309

SharePoint designer 2013:


When you Installed SharePoint designer you need to connect to your site. From there one out browse to “lists and libraries” and choose your libraries.

On the “Views and “Forms” Tabs you need the 4 following things (see red circled):

good site forms

When one of these is missing you will probably see one of the problems described above. To fix this we have to copy an existing form and edit it to our needs. But beware you need to make a new list for every broken list, because if you use an existing form it will fix your broken one but break the one you copied it from. This is probably because of a UID in the form, but I did not jet find it.

Probably the easiest way to create a new form is to go to “All Files” Browse to your Library and open up the “Forms” folder, now for the file you are replacing, for our sake let’s say the “Upload.aspx” file is corrupted. In the “Forms” folder if the old “Upload.aspx” file is still present delete it. Now create a new .ASPX file and name it “Upload.aspx”. and open it up in the editor. Now create a new library, and find the “Upload.aspx” file in the new library and open it up. Copy over everything from the “Upload.aspx” and copy it in the “Upload.aspx” file you created in your broken library. Now to get it working we still need to edit a few things in the copied “Upload.aspx” (see the image below what to edit).

copy form and edit

The list Name and List id can be found in the “List and libraries” (see the image below). Also note the “Allitems.html” if this one is missing you can just recreate it using the “New” button.
missing forms in spd

make sure that when you replace the List ID that you remove the curly brackets. As for the Title you can just fill in the name of your library. Now when you save the file in our case “Upload.aspx” and when you did everything according to the above, it should be visible in “List and libraries” again. But Notice that in the library you created and copied the “Upload.aspx” from it is gone. This is probably because of some unique identifier in the “Upload.aspx”. if you know which one I would like to hear it.

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