Remote desktop how to set it up. Complete Guide

Ever wanted to log onto your computer from anywhere in the world? In this post I explain what you need and how to set this up. We will do this in the most secure way possible. I will try to explain every step as clearly as possible, if something is not clear feel free to leave a comment. Before we start we need to check the version of Windows you are using, Remote Desktop only works on a Windows Pro version.

to do this press  +      then type winver and press Enter. For this to work we need a pro version of Windows. (See image below)


Winver Version information windows

If you do not have a Windows pro version you might need to try a different remote access program or buy an upgrade to the pro version.

Configuring your Computer for Remote Desktop

So, if you have a pro version of Windows we can continue. First of we are going to need to enable your computer to accept a remote connection. Press +    and type sysdm.cpl

This will open system properties. Go to the “Remote” tab. And enable “Allow remote connections to this computer” now press OK.

Remote Desktop allow

Next, we will need to check our Network settings do this by left-clicking the Wi-Fi/Wired network icon in your system tray at bottom-right, near your clock. And press Network and Internet Settings

Network & Internte settings

Next choose “Change connection properties” here make sure the network profile is set to Private.

Network Location

That’s it we have now enabled remote desktop access to our computer. Next step is to allow access from outside of our own network.

Configuring the Router/Modem

First, we need to find out the IP of your router / modem. To do this press +    and type cmd. Next type ipconfig make note of the “Default Gateway” also write down the IPv4 Address this will be needed later on.

ipconfig cmd

Now open your favourite web browser and type in the default gateway. In my case this is

Login Draytek

login with the username and password. If you do not now these you might be able to find them on the following website:

If it that did not do the trick you might need to reset the device. Make note that this will reset all your settings including your WI-FI name and password.

When you’re successfully logged-in find a menu option named NAT > Port Redirection (This might be slightly different for your router.)

NAT Draytek

We need to configure a couple of options here.

  • Mode: Single
  • Service Name: Whatever you like I chose RDP.
  • Protocol: RDP
  • WAN IP: I chose all. This option could be missing on your router, that’s fine just go to the next step.
  • Public Port: Choose a number between 30000 and 40000
  • Private IP: Enter the IP address of the computer you are trying to connect to. You should have written this down from the step before. In my case this was
  • Private Port: make this 3389

Save the configuration and continue to the next step.


Port Redirection Draytek Remote desktop

Connecting from a remote location with Remote Desktop

Find out your Public IP address by going to

now on a different computer open op the Remote Desktop Tool To do this press +    and type mstsc.exe


In this screen you enter your public IP Address followed by :45329 (the Public port you entered in the setup in the router)

Now you should have a prompt asking for your Username and Password.

Common Mistakes/ Problems:

  • Make sure you have a password on your computer. Without it won’t work!
  • If you have your own router be sure to check the Modem of your ISP because you might need to add the Port Forwarding to that one too. (Redirect the public port to the IP of your router)



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