How to reach sites that are blocked.

Reach blocked sites.

In this post i am gonna show you a few ways to reach blocked sites, i will not go in to detail on how to install ore configure the applications used in these examples. The following solutions will work if for instance your service provider blocked access to a specific site. in a lot of countries there are some limitations to what the people may view on the internet. For instance in The Netherlands the website is blocked by allot of Providers, this can be very annoying for allot of people.

Solution 1:

Tor Browser:

2009-tor-logotor browser is a very simple and easy way to avoid blocked sites. When installed it tunnels your traffic. When using tor you are almost browsing anonymous.

Download: Tor-Browser

Solution 2:

hidemyassWeb Proxy:

You can also use a online proxy like When you type a URL on the website it uses a different IP address, there fore you will be able to access allot of websites.

Solution 3:

vpnVPN connection:

When browsing the internet you can also use a VPN connection. Some of you may now it because you use it for your work, to get access to your files at work. At the following website you can use a free VPN service. like this you will browse anonymous on the web. (note: always be careful some VPN services will give data to the government when asked for it, but we will assume you are not going to do anything illegal, ARE YOU?)


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