Dell Vostro 3550 Black screen after Windows 10 Upgrade.


Laptop with black screen after Windows 10 upgrade?

This laptop came in a few weeks back after the user upgraded to windows 10. The only thing the laptop did was show a black screen after the Windows 10 Upgrade. When forcing the laptop to shut down and boot up again, the Bios would show the Dell logo. When connecting the laptop to a secondary monitor there would be signal and you could work fine on the monitor.

The fix?

But windows still did not recognize the laptops LCD monitor. After upgrading the video drivers and Windows 10 it still did not work. After that I decided to upgrade the Bios because why not right?

For Dell laptops you can find the Bios update by searching the Dell site. If you have a different Vendor then it is probably on the website of the vendor.

No battery, no upgrade?

Well seemed that was not as simple as usual, the battery was removed because it didn’t work, this made it so that you could not update the Bios, luckily there was a  solution for this but for this you would need to start DOS from a liveCD like Hirens BootCD.  And use the command BIOSUpdatename.exe /forceit (this only applies to the DELL bios update as far as I am aware.)

But after upgrading the BIOS everything seemed to work perfectly. This problem seems to be as far as I could find with the Intel HD Graphics 3000.

If you have any suggestions or any helpful information feel free to leave a comment below.

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