After repair install of Windows XP, The activation screen does not show.

 Repair install Windows xp

Sometimes there is a time you just have to a repair install of Windows XP. Now let’s assume you have already repaired your install of Windows XP, and your pc is starting up again, but suddenly it is coming up with the Windows XP activation screen, well fine let’s activate. But when clicked nothing shows up! Well that’s annoying. The only other option left is log off.

After the repair Windows XP needs to be reactivated. You could have prevented this by copying the “WPA.BAK” and “WPA.DBL” files. And put those back after the repair install. But well we forgot?  Luckily there is a quite simple fix for this.

First of we are going to download “Internet explorer 8” on a other pc. (you are probably already using another pc if you are reading this.) IE 8 can be downloaded  here. When downloaded put it on a USB drive (preferable) ore on a CD/DVD.

Now on the pc which won’t start, start up and press F8 repeatedly. This will open the boot options, here you choose “start in safe mode” this will start windows in its most minimal form. When booted select “Yes” to stay in safe mode. Now insert your USB drive ore CD/DVD. And install Internet explorer 8.

After the install is complete, reboot your pc. When the activation screen pops up again, you should be able to see the activation screen pop-up. Now you can enter your product key, and start installing all the windows updates which were also deleted by the repair install. If it does not fix your problem feel free to comment.

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