Solution to your PC needs to be repaired Error code: 0xc0000225



Problem description:

When I booted my Windows 8 laptop (see details below), it displayed the following message:

your computer needs to be repaired

If I press Enter or F8, the central part of the message changes to:

The application or operating system couldn’t be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

File: \Windows\system32\winload.efi

Error code: 0xc0000225

The problem occurred after i made an image of the old hard disk on a new one. And now this new hard drive would not boot. I found out this was because of the EUFI boot. this used a GPT partition. To fix this problem you are gonna need a windows 8 installation CD or recovery CD.

Step 1: Start from your installation or recovery CD.

To do this you will probably need to press a key before you boot, this will most likely be something like F12. for more information about booting from cd look here. (link: )

Step 2: Choose the correct recovery options. (gallery)

Step 3: Enter the correct commands.

  1. Diskpart
  2. List volume
  3. Select volume=2 (replace “2″ with the number that is associated with the “ESP” label)
  4. assign letter=Z
  5. exit
  6. bcdboot C:\windows /s Z: /f UEFI (replace C: with the volume letter that is named “OS”)

To make it even simpler here are some screenshots:

Step 4: Restart your computer and be happy.

If everything worked out fine, you should now be able to restart your computer and enjoy your windows 8 machine.

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63 comments on “Solution to your PC needs to be repaired Error code: 0xc0000225
  1. praful says:

    many thanks this solution worked for me.
    But I have a doubt, will I be able to use my OneKeyRecovery (Lenovo Laptop feature) after this? and while booting it shows me two option of Win 8 to select from, why?

    • Pieter Willemse says:

      You can delete the double Boot option through MSconfig, there will be one boot option which will point to your old disk. I don’t now if your OneKeyRecovery will still work, you would have to test that.

      Regards Pieter,

  2. BUHD says:

    I recently ran into a very similar problem with my Win 8.1 Pro machine. It gives me an error of 0xc000000e and does not specify any particular file.

    I tried following the steps here and elsewhere to rebuild BCD etc. but nothing seems to work!

    Would really appreciate some help with this! The OS is installed on an SSD w/ GPT and UEFI so it has the 3 partitions – Primary (111GB), Recovery (300MB), and System (100MB).

    I am really out of ideas here – please Pieter Williams – HELP!

    • Pieter Willemse says:

      Could you describe which steps you took when you rebuild the boot record? And did you change something before you got this error?

      • BUHD says:


        I completely wiped my SSD (made an image backup with Acronis) and restored the image on the SSD after formatting it to GPT – it has all 4 partitions.

        Now, I get the error you’ve described on this page – 0xc0000225.

        When I tried your solution, it says, “Failure when attempting to copy boot files.”

        How do I fix this?

        Please help!

        • BUHD says:

          I’m sorry I was using the wrong drive letter – it was “E” and not “C” for my Windows.

          However, now, I get the circling dots which I thought was a good sign but the computer blue screens and gives the error code of 0xc0000001.

          How do I fix this?

          Please help!

          • Pieter Willemse says:

            Hi BUHD,
            Could you follow the steps on this website:

            Let me now if it helps.

          • BUHD says:

            I was able to fix the boot record and boot into Windows! However, I saw two OSes, Win 8.1 (on volume 3) and Win 8.1.

            I used msconfig to delete the one that crashed (correct OS was on volume 3) and now it works fine! I can boot into Windows without issue!

            I was just curious though – should I still go back into CMD and rebuild the BCD from scratch just to make sure it’s perfect or should I leave things as is since they seem to work now?


            • Pieter Willemse says:

              Hi BUHD,
              Glad you were able to fix the problem!
              I don’t think it is necessary To rebuild the BCD.
              Have a great day!

  3. cj says:

    ok not good at this but here I go hp pavilion p7 – 1459 . Did the steps got puter back now the prob is it gives me the choice of booting from bad windows or good windows I cant use recovery yet it just boot back to bad windows 8 I want to set it like it was when I got it no partitions and idea how to do it

    • Pieter Willemse says:

      Hi CJ,
      If you are able to boot from the good windows try this:

      Click Start
      on your start screen type msconfig
      Launch msconfig by selecting it from the search results.
      After msconfig is launched:

      Go to the Boot tab
      Slect the boot entry you want to delete.
      Click the Delete button and then click OK.
      Make sure to delete the right boot option otherwise you will be left with an unbootable system.

      • cj says:

        ok I did all that got 1 windows 8 then tried to do repair on it only to find the 4 cds I burt ayear ago don’t work hmmmmmmmmm but I was able to boot from cd and try to repair it back to org. now it noob terms I can boot at all I get error 0xc000000f all I really want to do is restore my boot record (mbr) or just format the whole 2tb hard drive so I can use it again and puter I tried the oxc0000225 trick but it wont work how do I fix this time cant find answer on net ? really want to learn how to fix it like I did on the old xp system ?

        • Pieter Willemse says:

          Follow this guide:
          and then run the first 2 commands. bootrec /fixmbr bootrec /fixboot
          Let me now if you get it to work!

          • cj says:

            Thanks for the reply is there anyway i can get your email so i can send you prob and you can send back answer so we dont have to go though web site ? you are good and i dont wish to talk up the web space with me probs lol but i do like your help i had some knolage of windows xp so i could format it and keep it out of shop but im not sure on this windows 8 system .

            • Pieter Willemse says:

              I send you an email on the adress you used in your comments, if this is not correct you can always send me an email through the contact page.

              • cj says:

                Hi ok heres the update now i REALLY need help
                Did all you said got windows 8 back then tryed to do a repair it froze took it to a shop they tested the cd rom and hard drive My cds i burnt when i got computer were bad so i got new ones sent from hp now im 3 days out of warrenry and they cant find the problem and want to ship to hp to look at ( 299 i dont have ) to look at . Flashed to bios and tryed a new hard drive and the system only get though a few the cds and locks up. Am i stuck with a large paper weight

                • Pieter Willemse says:

                  Hi CJ,
                  It looks like something else is going wrong probably something hardware related, i really can’t be of much help here. You could try and call HP and see if they will still put it in warranty since it is only a few days late.
                  Good luck!

  4. clone dynamic disk with GPT amd UEFI bios says:

    I tried all the programs .. the only one who has done the job without errors was CLONEZILLA!!!

    • Pieter Willemse says:

      Hi, Thanks for replying. Clonezilla indeed seems to do the trick for disks with UEFI enabled.

  5. Vijayakumar N says:

    There’s a mistake in the bcdedit windows8 image (Final image)

    The command is

    bcdboot C:\windows /s Z: /f UEFI

    correct command…

    Thanks for the post..

    Cleared the error caused during the partition using EASEUSPartitionManager

    Config(Dell Windows 8 64bit)

  6. ashok says:

    I am finding to download frm website which u mentioned in my previous reply but its not happening to do anything further

  7. ashok says:

    I do not have any recovery cd or back up files cd….. So hw could i can solve this problem…. Plz anyone suggest me

    • Pieter Willemse says:

      Hi Ashok,

      if you don’t have a recovery cd you can download a trial of windows 8 here:
      you can then burn the image you get on to a cd or make a bootable USB

      Let me now if you need any more help

      • Assaf says:

        Hi there. i am trying now to download the evaluate win8, and with “rufus” to make it as bootable USB. i will let you know if it works

        • Pieter Willemse says:

          Hi Assaf, Did you resolve your problem?

          • Assaf says:

            Hi Pieter.
            yes, i did as they said, and everything seems to be ok.
            the only thing now, is that win8 still not activate, and on the start up menu, i cant go inside many features (mail, weather ). i have like small X on the side.
            you know it ?

  8. john says:

    Many Thanks for your solution… I have a ACER E1-571 and had the exact same problem

    followed your instructions (well, almost) and I managed to get it up and running again but…

    For those of you who make the same mistake as me and end up with TWO WINDOWS 8 Volume after BIOS loading, whereby one volume crashes and the other works, I found a solution that worked for me

    Hope the author of this website does not mind links:

    Here it is

    Once again Many Thanks

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