The localization operation of the default folders failed

The following problem happens when you check the option “Rename default folders so their names match the specified language”   “The localization operation of the default folders of mailbox “Mailbox” failed:Cannot localize the default folders.”   This error will most

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Fix Outlook OST Synchronization Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Zora Stalin and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of ITsolutionsBlog. The article describes the error 8004011D-526-80040115-0 which arises during the time of OST synchronization. In the first section of the article

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CD/DVD drive is only working once after restarting.

I had this happening on a Dell laptop with Windows 7 on it. Every time the Laptop restarted the CD/DVD drive was working fine. But as soon as you’ve tried a second time with a different CD/DVD or the same

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How to fix Slow printing on Epson Receipt Printer TM-88IV.

Problem Description: I encountered this problem a while back when we installed the Epson Receipt Printer TM-88IV on a new computer. I installed the drivers. And connected the printer with the serial (RS-232) cable. At First it printed only Question

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How to Fix slow printing of PDF documents on Mac.

In this post I want to explain a solution to a problem with some printers on a mac. It seems some printers take a very long time to print certain documents, especially PDF documents. In my specific case it took

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3 Ways to extract the Windows 8 Product key from the BIOS/UEFI.

Sometimes you need your Windows 8 Product Key, In Versions prior to Windows 8 this was fairly easy you could just look at the Product key sticker on your Computer. But since Windows 8 Microsoft made a change. Most likely

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Can’t scan to mail ControlCenter 3 with outlook 2013

Can’t scan to mail. [UPDATED 12-11-2014] So you’ve just bought a new PC including office 2013, and you are trying to set up your Brother printer device. But now you have run into a little bit of a problem. You

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Can’t install HP printer software access denied registry.

Access Denied: I had this issue a while back when installing the software and drivers for an HP printer.  This can quickly be overcome by pressing  ctrl + shift and now simply press cancel while still holding the keys. This

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New Sharepoint Library is visible Despite Permissions.

Problem Description: This problem only occurs when you are using SharePoint Online and upgraded your site from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. The existing Libraries don’t seem to be affected. But when you make a new Document Library. And Deny a

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I cannot Activate Office 2013 on Windows 7 Error Code “0x80070005″

I came accross this problem  a couple of times now, every time I would install Office 2013 on a Windows 7 Computer it would not activate. Luckily there is a very Quick fix for this, and i thought I would

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